Soloist Collective
for Emerging Artists

Our Mission 

The Soloist Collective for Emerging Artists (SCEA) is a group of current and former operatic artists seeking positive industrial change for Emerging Artists by using advocacy, policy, education, and consistent community dialogue through the lens of inclusivity, diversity, equity, and accessibility. 

What We've Been Up To

The Soloist Collective for Emerging Artists (FKA The Soloist Coalition Young Artists) has been proudly serving the Emerging Artist community for two and a half years. In that time, we have held educational seminars; administered surveys; hosted panels and meetings with company administrators; created audition resources; and provided a place for Emerging Artists to discuss issues unique to our community.  We want to provide a bridge for two-way communication from Emerging Artists to opera companies and from opera companies to Emerging Artists.

SCEA Public Resources Folder